InBCS is a new certified integrator in SCADA HMI Ignition software from Inductive Automation

Ignition uses a server-type licensing model that significantly reduces the cost of SCADA systems compared to licensing by number of tags or by screens. At the same time, it offers the freedom to have SCADA clients (PCs, tablets and other mobile devices) anywhere with an Internet connection.

The web-based architecture makes it possible for Ignition to be platform-independent. Thanks to Java, it is multiplatform and does not depend on the operating system, it can run on Windows, Linux, OS X.

The main features of the platform are:

  • Modular platform: Ignition has different modules to cover the functionalities you need that can be added to the system as they are needed: OPC-UA, Reports, Alarms, MES, OEE, SPC...
  • Unlimited connections, clients and tags: Licensing is for server and not for client so any client can have access to the system at no additional cost. The same happens with tags, you can use as many as you need. You can connect PLCs, databases, PCs and any other device to the software at no additional cost.
  • Real-time monitoring: Real-time controls can quickly and easily analyze and display plant status. They are fully configurable and customizable and can contain graphs, trends, KPIs... With Ignition it's easy to keep up with what's going on in the factory in real time. Advanced alarm settings provide notifications via e-mails, text messages, etc.
  • Reports: gnition has the ability to create dynamic reports that can be easily adapted to any need. They can be generated automatically by month, week and days in pdf format.

InBCS team has extensive knowledge in the implementation and commissioning of major control systems and SCADA present in the market so we can help you to offer the best solution.